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  1. It is great that you have a tax professional you’ve been with for a long time and you are happy with. One of the worst things you can do as a tax payer is jump from preparer to preparer each year. You are exposing yourself to identity theft by sharing your information with multiple people and you also lose the benefit a preparer who’s familiar with your tax filing history. That being said you may be losing out on deductions that your current tax professional may not think to ask you.
  2. At TS Tax & Accounting Services we offer a free look back at your last 3 tax returns to see if any deductions were missed. We ask the questions to get you thinking about any possible events that may save you some tax dollars. We only charge a fee if we amend your tax return to get you a bigger refund or save you some tax dollars.
  • I’ve been a tax professional for over 20 years. I began my tax professional career in 1996 with one the largest tax preparation companies in the US; working part time for 6 years while maintaining a full time job as an accountant. In 2002 I decided to prepare taxes for myself. I worked as an independent tax professional; still part time; preparing taxes for friends, family & referrals. In December 2014 I signed my lease and opened my office as TS Tax & Accounting Services, LLC.
  • No you do not, we prepare tax returns for clients in every state. We use a secure portal that allows for safe transmission of information between our office and our clients.
  • At TS Tax & Accounting Services we ask questions to help us find ways to maximize your refund and lower your tax liability. We also work to educate you on ways you can proactively set up your financial house to help save you some tax dollars. We will also be introducing a monthly educational series called “Wealth of Wisdom” (WoW) to help educate our clients on wealth building.
  • Yes, we take approximately 40 to 60 CE (Continuing Education) credits annually to keep us up to date on tax law changes and educate us on topics relevant to our clients’ needs.